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How to master the periodic change of steel prices?
Jul 03, 2017

The steel market is changing, how to form a reasonable purchase frequency, can effectively reduce procurement costs and reduce capital occupancy is particularly important. In the current period of relatively tight national capital flows, the rational operation of the procurement funds is a matter that buyers must learn.

For example, in a low steel prices, the buyer could not resist the temptation, regardless of the enterprise's ability to digest, the purchase altogether exceeds demand, in the short term, you can take advantage of the steel market; but in the changeable age, picked up a few days ago steel prices are still low, a few days later, but rose after this time, oversold, you not only a certain loss of price and cost, because capital is not digest inventory, also can not find the money for new purchases, The loss outweighs the gain.

Therefore, after a relatively accurate judgment of the steel market, it is recommended that the procurement model of on-demand procurement be more appropriate.

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