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Delivered length of steel pipe
Jul 03, 2017

The length of delivery is also called the length of the user's request or the length of the contract. The length of delivery in the standard has the following provisions:

A, usually the length (also known as the non fixed length): the length is within the standard length range and has no fixed length requirement. These are called the usual length. For example, structural pipe standards: Hot-rolled (extrusion, expansion) steel pipe 3000mm ~ 12000mm; cold drawn (rolled) steel pipe 2000mmm ~ 10500mm.

B, length length: fixed length should be within the length of the usual length. It is a fixed length dimension required in the contract. However, it is not possible to cut the absolute length of the gauge in the actual operation, so the allowable positive deviation value is set in the standard length.

Take structural tube standard as:

The production rate of the fixed length tube is larger than that of the normal length tube, and the requirement for the production enterprises to increase the price is reasonable. The increase of the enterprises are not the same, is generally based on the base price increase of about 10%.

C, double feet length: double feet length should be within the normal length range, the contract should be marked with the length of a single ruler and a total length of multiples (such as 3000mm * 3, that is, the 3000mm 3 multiples, the total length is 9000mm). In actual operation, 20mm should be added on the basis of the total length, plus the allowance for each individual foot length. The structure of pipe as an example, the provisions for incision margin: diameter less than 159mm is 5 ~ 10mm; >159mm diameter is 10 ~ 15mm.

If there is no time limit, length deviation and cutting allowance in the standard, both sides shall consult and indicate in the contract. Double length is the same as the length of a fixed length, and it will bring about a great decrease in the yield of manufacturing enterprises. Therefore, it is reasonable for manufacturers to increase the price, and the increase in price is basically the same as that of the fixed length.

D, range length: the range length is within the usual length range. When the user requests a fixed range length, it should be indicated in the contract.

For example: usually the length is 3000 ~ 12000mm, and the range fixed length is 6000 ~ 8000mm or 8000 ~ 10000mm.

Visible, range length than fixed length and double length length requirements loose, but more stringent than usual length, but also to produce enterprises to bring down the yield. So the production enterprise proposed increase is reasonable, the increase in the general price increase by about 4%.

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