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Classification of steel pipe by usage
Jul 03, 2017

1. pipe pipe. Such as: water, gas pipes, steam pipes with seamless tubes, oil pipelines, oil and gas pipelines. Agricultural irrigation taps, hoses and pipes for sprinkler irrigation.

2. pipe for thermal equipment. As for the boiler superheated steam boiling water pipe, pipe, boiler tube, engine overheating opium pipe, small smoke pipe, arch tube and high temperature high pressure boiler tube.

3. pipe for mechanical industry. Such as air pipe structure (round tube, oval tube, flat elliptical tube), automobile axle tube and axle tube, automobile and tractor structure pipe, oil cooler tube, agricultural tractor with square tube tube as well as bearing tubes and rectangular tube, transformer.

4. pipes for petroleum geological drilling. Such as: oil drilling pipe, oil pipe (Kelly and the six corner drill collar, drill pipe), oil pipe, oil pipe and pipe joint, geological drilling pipe (tube, casing, drill pipe, drill press, active clamp and pin first).

5. tubes for chemical industry. Such as: oil cracking pipe, chemical equipment, heat exchanger and pipe pipe, stainless acid resistant pipe, fertilizer high-pressure pipe, and the transport of chemical media tubes.

6. other departments use tubes. Such as: container tube (high pressure gas cylinder pipe and general container tube), instrument and meter tube, watch shell tube, injection needle and its medical equipment tube, etc..

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